Teacher, whose nude photo was disseminated on social media by student, sues South Carolina district claiming she was forced to resign

NBC News reports that Leigh Anne Arthur, formerly a teacher at Union County High School, has filed suit against Union County School District (UCSD), claiming that UCSD Superintendent David Eubanks forced her to resign after a student shared a photo of Arthur partially nude on social media. Arthur resigned the day after Eubanks told her that she bore some of the responsibility for keeping the racy photo private and gave her the option of going through a dismissal process or resigning.

“The lawsuit is based on the false accusations made by Dr. David Eubanks against me along with policies and due process not appropriately followed by Union County School District,” Arthur said.

Arthur claims the partially nude photo was intended for her husband for Valentine’s Day. While she admits her phone wasn’t password-protected, she has said she felt the student deserves the blame. “He had to hit my apps button and to open up all my apps and then open my gallery,” she said.

After charges were filed against the student, Eubanks stood by his belief that Arthur was at fault. According to a statement issued by Eubanks:

It is truly unfortunate that a teacher charged with proper supervision and care of students failed to fulfill that responsibility in her classroom. Evidence indicates that Leigh Anne Arthur was not in her assigned position at the time of the incident. Evidence also indicates that she allowed students to use her personal cell phone on a regular and routine basis.

More than 17,000 people have signed a petition in support of Arthur being reinstated.

Source: NBC News, 3/19/16, By Elizabeth Chuck

[Editor’s Note: In March 2016, Legal Clips summarized a story from WYFF 4 reporting  that Arthur had resigned after a student spread a nude picture of her through text messages and social media. Eubanks said a student obtained Arthur’s phone and took a picture of a nude picture that was on her phone. He said the student then sent the picture out through text messaging and social media.]

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