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Religious group sues Pennsylvania district for assessing fee to use school facilities for Bible club

The Patriot News reports that the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Dauphin County Inc. has filed suit in federal court against the Harrisburg School District, alleging that HSD’s demand for CEF to pay an annual rental fee of $1,200 to hold a Bible-based after-school program is not only excessive, but discriminatory.

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Indiana district ends practice of youth minister addressing students during lunch period after ACLU files suit

According to an Associated Press report in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Southwest Allen County school district has ended the practice of allowing a local youth minister to address students on school property during their lunch hour less than a half-hour after the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed suit in federal court.

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Florida district enters into consent decree with ACLU to allow gay-straight alliance student club to meet at school

According to the Associated Press in The Miami Herald, Marion County school officials have entered into a consent decree that will allow the formation of a club of the Gay-Straight Alliance designed to promote understanding among gay and straight students at Vanguard High School.

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ACLU sues Florida district for refusal to allow gay-straight alliance at high school

Ocala.com reports that the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Florida has filed suit against the Marion County School Board and Superintendent Jim Yancey, alleging officials at Vanguard High School rejected a proposal by two students to start a Gay-Straight Alliance at the school.

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