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Parents of student sexually assaulted by teacher sue Ohio school district for failure to conduct proper background check

Claiming their daughter was sexually assaulted by her art teacher at West Muskingum High School (WMHS), Courthouse News Service says the parents have filed a federal lawsuit against the West Muskingum County Board of Education (WMCBOE) alleging the school district ignored his history of “lewd and inappropriate relationships” with his students, and concealed and failed to report it after they knew it. The Doe family’s suit charges that had the WMCBOE bothered to check, they would have learned that Andrew Hoffer, currently in state prison, had been forced to resign from his previous teaching position for his “inappropriate sexual remarks and innuendos to female students during class time.”

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Virginia Board of Education considering new guidelines to prevent sexual misconduct by school personnel

In the aftermath of recently reported incidents of teacher-to-student sexual abuse, the Virginia Board of Education (VBOE) is is considering its first statewide guidelines for the prevention of sexual misconduct in public schools, says the Washington Post. The proposed guidelines would target behavior that has led to student sexual abuse, and they seek to limit situations that could blur the lines in a teacher-student relationship. The guidelines suggest strict limits on communication, physical contact and socializing with students.

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GAO study finds school districts nationally are hiring and retaining employees with histories of sexual misconduct

Education Week reports that the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a study finding that schools in some cases have hired individuals with histories of sexual misconduct as teachers, coaches, janitors, and administrators, partly because of lax systems of background checks. The GAO documented 15 cases in which individuals guilty of past misconduct were hired or retained by schools. In 11 of those cases, the individuals in question had previously targeted children, and in six of them, the offenders used their new positions to abuse more children.

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